Towing and Recovery Services in Rush County, IN

1455Being able to rely on a quality towing company can give you great peace of mind—especially if you’re stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle that’s not roadworthy. Davis Towing & Recovery, Inc. is proud to be the premier towing service in Rush County, IN, operating 24/7 for your convenience.

Our fleet of tow trucks can handle just about any vehicle you might be driving, including sedans, trucks, SUVs, RVs and even ATVs and motorcycles! Moreover, we’re intimately familiar with our entire 50-mile service area, enabling us to get to you quickly wherever you’re broken down. Take a look at the services and capabilities we bring with us:


  • Local or long distance towing: We’re available for both local and long distance towing in Rush County, IN. We’re located in Rushville, however we serve the greater area up to 50 miles away. Just give us a call and tell us your location—we’ll quickly get someone out to you for towing.
  • Air cushion recovery: Semi rollovers and those that are stuck in ditches need to be handled with expert precision. We use air cushion towing to get your rig upright again, before winching it out and towing it to safety. We can also handle RVs and busses.
  • Heavy duty towing: There’s no vehicle too big for us to tow! We’re experienced in towing semi trucks and other Class 8 vehicles, and understand the fundamentals of safely hauling these large vehicles.
  • Recovery services: If you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle is no longer safely drivable, give us a call. We’ll remove it from the scene of the accident and haul it to an auto body repair shop for servicing.
  • Water Recovery: Davis Towing & Recovery offers damage-free vehicle, boat, airplane and helicopter recoveries. With the use of air cushion recovery technology to upright semi-tractors and trailers, while minimizing further structural damage.

For more information about any of the towing services we’re able to offer you or to inquire about how we can assist you in your time of need, please call 765-932-3884.