Auto Diagnostic Services in Rushville, IN

Semi-trucks have a tough time on the road. Putting on thousands of miles at a time takes a tremendous toll on vital systems and components, leaving many truckers dealing with roadside issues that can set them back on their delivery timelines. Davis Towing & Recovery, Inc. helps truckers make it to their destination by providing a full range of semi truck services to truckers passing through Rushville, IN. 

Whether you need roadside repairs, tire changes, minor engine work or full diagnostics, our capabilities have you covered. We make sure any troubles are swiftly resolved, no matter the nature of the problem. Some of the services we offer include:

Auto Diagnostic Services

  • Semi-truck recovery: High winds or inclement weather can leave your truck in a ditch or on its side. We’re ready to roll and offer rapid semi-truck recovery throughout Rush County, IN, to get you upright and moving once again.
  • Minor engine repairs: Our fleet of service trucks and technicians are available 24/7 to assess any engine troubles you may be facing. We have parts on hand to get your rig up and running again. We can even deliver minor semi truck repair roadside, saving you a trip into the shop.
  • Tire repairs and replacements: Blowouts and other tire issues don’t need to be debilitating. Our team comes to your location to provide patches, repairs and tire replacements when debris forces you off the road.
  • Cummins auto diagnostic services: Our shop is equipped with computerized auto diagnostic services that accurately assess your Cummins engine to pinpoint problems or inefficiencies. Our diagnostic capabilities help us to deliver targeted semi truck service and repair.

For more information about any of the semi-truck repair or underwater vehicle recovery services we offer or to inquire about how we can assist you by providing auto parts or towing services, contact us at Davis Towing & Recovery, Inc. today at 765-932-3884. We’re available to assist truckers throughout Rushville, Rush County, Milroy, Glenwood, and Homer, IN.