February 1, 2018

"Great place, I highly recommend them!"
November 30, 2017

"Quick, friendly and professional service! Our car blew a tire on the way back from vacation and we called Davis. They came out within 15 minutes and towed us (and our dog!) back and replaced the tire quickly. Thank you, Davis Towing in Spiceland!!"
November 30, 2017

"Ya know when they tell you to save your money for a rainy day? Well, I've had a rainy week. First, I bought a house - totally my choice - no buyer's remorse/feeling good about it. Then, I receive a letter that my tax lady never paid for my taxes for the past year (which, I even gave her a second ring back in tax season to make sure we were good to go) and then my first flat tire (tire was only 4 mos old) on the side of 70 in BFE. Very fortunately for me, there's a tire and towing company conveniently located in BFE. Across the highway from where I stopped to be exact. My moment of panic: which alone in my head sounded something like: "oh god, vulnerable young woman on side of the road, I'm an hour from anything, some scary truck driver..., wait your dad's a truck driver...what are you going to do? Chill your ass out. Do I have a spare tire? Excellent question. No idea. Yes? Oh hey, there's a tire place right across the's your somewhat lucky day, Brittany." The Davis fellas were all extremely helpful and friendly. Within 20 minutes they were there to tow my poor car over to the garage and an hour later I was out the door with an $85 bill and the smell of smoke in my hair. The smoke was complimentary in case if you were wondering. Thanks to their waiting/shop area I was able to catch up on all the latest celebrity trash news in less than ten minutes. Multi-tasking at its finest!"
November 30, 2017

"My 6-month-old daughter and I were headed out of town to a doctor's appointment. I stopped to get gas and left the car running for her while I ran in to pay really quickly. Since it was my husband's vehicle, I forgot that the doors lock automatically. When I came back out to turn the car off to pump gas, I realized I was locked out with the car running and my daughter screaming in the back seat. I called the police station, but they (very rudely) informed me they don't help and to call Davis Towing. I was shaken at this point even though I knew my daughter was warm and safe. He showed up only a few minutes later to help. He was incredibly nice and understanding. I told him I didn't have any cash on me, but if he gave me an invoice or something, I would happily come by the next day to pay. He said he never charges when there are kids involved. What he certainly didn't realize is how relieved I was. We are living on one small income while I stay at home with my daughter, and unexpected expenses really hurt. I am very grateful for his generosity and will certainly use this company for any related needs in the future - regardless of cost! I will also recommend them to friends and family."
June 22, 2017

"Have had Davis Towing not only towed vehicles for me that have hot then work on my vehicle with special speciality work. They have always been very professional and very good at what they do have known this company and the owners since they were kids they can be depended on any time any place"