Mobile Crane Services in Rushville, IN

When the time comes for heavy lifting, call the experts at Davis Towing & Recovery, Inc. We offer mobile crane services throughout Rushville, Rush County, Milroy, Glenwood, and Homer, IN, backed by experienced crane operators who are knowledgeable in all types of situations. 

Our 60-ton rotator with 360-degree rotating capabilities can be used to lift just about anything—it has a lift capacity of 10,000 lbs. at zero degrees fully extended or 120,000 lbs. fully retracted. From equipment lifting to heavy cargo loading, we’re available to assist you safely handle your heavy lifting projects.  

Heavy Equipment Lifting

Using the rotator with a maximum hook height of 40 feet, we’re capable of lifting, raising or moving a wide range of equipment and objects, including:

  • Construction equipment or counterweights
  • Setting coils from one location to another
  • Trailer decking
  • Heavy cargo loading and unloading
  • Setting trusses
  • Swapping box and truck beds
  • Setting propane tanks, generators, presses
  • Trane car axle replacements
  • Trailer dumping

If you’ve got questions about our heavy equipment lifting, we’re happy to answer any questions. We’ve worked with a broad array of customers in the past and have broad experience lifting, moving and loading heavy equipment, objects and materials. 

Safety First, Always

Whatever the job, we practice steadfast safety and situational awareness. Each of our operators has their NCCCO certification and is well-versed to operate our equipment. We’re proud of our track record of safety and strive to continue upholding this superior standard on every future project. Rest assured that whatever we’re lifting or moving, it’ll be done with a safety-first approach. 

Call us for Heavy Cargo Loading

Davis Towing & Recovery, Inc. is available for heavy cargo loading and other lifting projects throughout Rushville, IN and beyond. To inquire about your project or our mobile crane services, auto diagnostic services, or underwater vehicle recovery, please contact us today at 765-932-3884